The following workshops and program opportunities are customizable, and suitable for individuals and teams of diverse youth and adult audiences including: schools; colleges; universities; public, private and governmental art-education programs; and community-based youth and adult development organizations. 

Snaps, Applause, Call and Response

Explores the relationship between the audience and the speaker through a series of reflective writing exercises, group dialogue and poetry performances. (60-90 mins) Audience: ages 8+

Emceeing Knowledge in the Classroom 

Highlights the philosophical and theoretical relationship between spoken word poetry and Hip-Hip as academic opportunities to promote student learning and engagement. (60-90 mins) Audience: ages 15+

Inspiring Leadership Through Spoken Word 

Offers a re-imagined perspective on approaches to developing youth and adults capacity to engage possibility thinking, identify their purpose, and pursue their dreams. (60-90 mins) Audience: ages 15+ 

Spoken Word Poetry Programming 

  • Open Mic Events: planning, hosting, featuring 

  • Poetry Slam Competitions: coaching individuals/teams, judging

  • Residencies: developing and curating a series of spoken word poetry programs, including curriculum development and community engagement. 

Passion and Purpose Coaching 

Do you have an idea that you want to explore, or a dream you want to realize? Let’s discuss. 

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