Artist Statement

My poems and spoken word performances are rooted in the narrative of a Black, gay, male, D.C. native, and who, by the age of 35, traveled to more than 15 countries, and learned to speak Swahili and Spanish. My pieces are artistic reflections of stories about the people I meet and lessons I continue to learn about world. I am most inspired by themes that shift tragedy to triumph, and am especially interested in counter-stories that combat deficit narratives about Black culture. My spoken word performances, I’ve been told, have spiritual qualities that move people to tears…in good ways. And, that inspire people to find their own voices and to be unafraid of their innate greatness.

I have a signature cadence, rhyming, imagery, and word play in my performances and enjoy using extended metaphors. My volume and tone usually follow a bell curve, and I occasionally close my eyes to focus on memorization. I love audience engagement and am known to adlib to create a stronger connection with the crowd. Ultimately, my spoken word is courageous storytelling that seeks to make individuals and communities feel, if just for a moment, genuinely loved and cared for.