Poet. Educator. Nerd.

Tony Keith, Jr. (Washington, D.C.) identifies as a poet, educator, and a nerd. As a poet Tony has traveled around the world teaching poetry and empowering young people to engage in the art of spoken word. As an educator, he has committed his life to uplifting the narratives of “misunderstood”, marginalized, youth and engaging in cultural education and social justice programming within schools and communities. As a nerd, Tony is a perpetual student. He earned his B.A. in Communication from the University of MD, College Park, and his M.Ed. in College Student Affairs from Penn State University. He is a doctoral student in Education at George Mason University, where his research focuses on culturally relevant education policy and practice, and student engagement with spoken word poetry.  

Tony’s co-authored book, Open Mic Night: Campus Programs That Champion Student Voice and Engagement, is a winner of the Oustanding Book Award from the American Educational Research Association.